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The journal Hearing, Balance and Communication Disorders is the official organ of the International Association of Physicians in Audiology – IAPA. This international journal aims to provide a forum for research into hearing, balance and communication disorders.

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This year, Hearing, Balance & Communication:

  • Received 5,599 downloads to its papers from 67 different countries
  • Launched a new online submission system, available here
  • Hired a new Managing Editor to effectively process submissions
  • Was accepted into the Scopus and ESCI abstracting and indexing services
  • Contributed to the Human World campaign and the Allied and Public Health campaigns

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Top downloaded articles from Hearing, Balance & Communication in 2016: 

  1. Developing a stem cell-based therapy for the treatment of hearing loss by Marcelo N. Rivolta
  2. Epidemiology of age related hearing loss: A review by Nicola Quaranta, Francesco Coppola, Mara Casulli, Maria Rosaria Barulli, Francesco Panza, Rosanna Tortelli, Vincenzo Solfrizzi, Carlo Sabba, Giancarlo Logroscino
  3. Auditory processing disorder (APD): Definition, diagnosis, neural basis, and intervention by David R. Moore
  4. Is Ménière’s disease the ‘inner ear migraine’? A neurovascular region-based hypothesis supported by epidemiological appraisal and pathophysiological considerations by Matteo Alicandri-Ciufelli, Elisa Aggazzotti-Cavazza, Eliomaria Cunsolo, Daniele Marchioni, Daniele Monzani, Elisabetta Genovese, Livio Presutti
  5. Language development in infants: What do humans hear in the first months of life? by Alan Langus, Marina Nespor

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