Membership and Benefits

Membership is open to all medically qualified professionals working in the field of audiovestibular medicine.

Annual membership dues are €55.

IAPA aims to promote and improve clinical, ethical and scientific standards in the field of Audiovestibular Medicine.

Audiovestibular Medicine covers all topics from medical sciences to psychological, educational and social aspects of diagnosis and rehabilitation of people with hearing, balance and communication disorders.

IAPA promotes international symposia in audiological medicine and also national and international courses within the field.


  • Subscription of the journal Hearing, Balance and Communication Disorders are included in membership fee.
    Online access to the Journal through the IAPA website.
    (Regular subscription rate for non-members is €130)
  • 20% discount and free delivery of the Textbook of Audiological Medicine.
  • Textbook of Audiological Medicine: The publisher offers 20% discount and free postage delivery to IAPA members provided that the book is ordered directed from the publisher, Taylor and Francis.
  • The price, with IAPA discount, is €120 (€180).
  • The Textbook is currently being re-edited. Expected new edition: ???
    When ordering the book, please tick the box on the membership application form.
  • Reduced fee for participation in the International Symposia in Audiological Medicine arranged by IAPA.
    IAPA members can attend the international IAPA symposia at a reduced rate. For further information on the symposia see – Future IAPA Events.
  • Regular information on IAPA certified national and international courses and symposia is posted on the website.