The Dafydd Stephens Prize

£250 awarded annually


This annual prize for medical students was established in 2015 by the British Association of Audiovestibular Physicians (BAAP) in honour of Professor Dafydd (Dai) Stephens, one of its founder members. Dai trained initially in Psychiatry before changing specialities. He was a consultant at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital and later Professor at the University of Cardiff. As he was passionate about medical education, it is appropriate that the Prize should be aimed at medical students.


The Prize is awarded for work related to the field of Audiovestibular Medicine carried out by the applicant largely or completely during the period of their Medical Student training. Applications may be submitted by any current Medical Student. Applications may be considered from doctors within one year of qualification, as long as the bulk of the work forming the basis of the application was carried out prior to graduation in Clinical Medicine.


Entries must be in English. Candidates may submit any relevant piece of work which may take the form of a research or audit project, whether or not published, an essay or an oral or poster presentation. Any oral submission would need to be accompanied by either a video of the presentation and/or comprehensive slides. Submissions should be accompanied by a short CV.


Entries should include full details of the relevant work including a full description of the candidate’s personal contribution if the work in question was collaborative, multi-author or extensively supervised. Entries must be received by the Honorary Secretary of BAAP before the end of November. Entries may also be submitted to the Honorary Secretary of IAPA, who will then forward to BAAP. The prize winner will be notified by the end of December and the prize (£250 and a framed certificate) will be awarded at the following year’s BAAP Annual Conference, held in March / April. The successful candidate will be expected to give a short (10 minutes plus 5 for questions) account of their work at the Conference. BAAP will reimburse reasonable travel expenses from within the United Kingdom.


The prize-winner will be chosen by a sub-committee of the Association consisting of the Chairman of the Education Sub-committee (chairman), the Vice President and the Immediate Past President.