During April 1st -2nd the “Ad Hoc Consultation on Promotion of Hearing Care in WHO members State “ took place in Geneva under the auspicious of the WHO Meeting. The purpose of the consultation is to bring together people working in the field of hearing care including experts in the area of otolaryngology, audiological medicine, audiology and public health to discuss and identify mechanism for promoting hearing care in WHO countries. The meeting has been planned with the aim to:

  1. a) Discuss the current global situation with respect to prevalence and causes of hearing loss and review the current status of Member State capacity to provide hearing care
  2. b) Elaborate the concept of hearing care and identify components of national hearing care programs
  3. c) Outline the key strategies for promoting hearing care amongst WHO Member States
  4. d) Identify the key steps in formulation and management of national programmers for hearing care.
  5. e) Establish the outline of a tool for assessment of ear and hearing care services in WHO Member States.

The participants were divided into different working groups. A different topic was given to each group that was reviewed in the plenary session. A report will follow this note with the main finding of each group. The meeting was attended by world recognized experts and representatives of the main worldwide professional organization. IAPA was represented by its President Jose Juan Barajas de Prat.

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